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What you flush down the drain significantly affects the functionality of your septic system. As a basic rule of thumb, letting trash flow into a septic tank is a recipe for disaster.

People often forget that a septic tank contains living organisms like bacteria that treat and digest waste. Trash that makes its way to your septic system can lead to leakages, cracked drain fields, and solid buildup.

Our high-quality septic system treatment product, Septic Perc®, opens up hardpan or clay soil. Coupled with Mega Bio™, it provides a powerful two-pronged attack.

Let’s find out which harmful substances you should avoid putting in a septic tank.

1.     Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are non-decomposed solids. Septic tanks are not designed to break down non-decomposed solids and push them down to the lower surface of the tank.

This leads to the formation of a semi-solid sludge layer. You’ll have to hire a professional septic tank cleaning service to get rid of this sludge.

Therefore, avoid putting substances like coffee grounds down the kitchen sink drain.

A cesspool caused by septic system failure

2.     Medications

Medicines are probably one of the most harmful things that are flushed down the drains in American households.

Medications can disturb the pH level in your septic tank. Moreover, they lead to environmental pollution by contaminating the surrounding soil.

3.     Toilet Paper

Toilet paper, especially non-biodegradable or ordinary ones, is harmful to septic tanks. They can clog drain fields and lead to unexpected breakdowns and cesspool formation in your yard.

To prevent this from happening, you can purchase toilet papers that indicate septic-safe on the wrapping. Experts, however, strongly advise against putting toilet paper, bathroom waste, water softeners, and detergents into septic tanks.

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