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3 Ways to Identify Hardpan Soil
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 Hardpan soil is clay-like and almost too hard to break down. It can persist and stay dense through different seasons. While rapid freezing and thawing can reduce the soil’s hardness, this isn’t the case with hardpan soils. Moreover, hardpan soil doesn’t allow root intrusion.

This soil layer is usually found beneath the topsoil. A distinctive feature that sets hardpan apart from other types of soil is its water-impervious nature.

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3 Things You Should Never Put in a Septic Tank
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What you flush down the drain significantly affects the functionality of your septic system. As a basic rule of thumb, letting trash flow into a septic tank is a recipe for disaster.

People often forget that a septic tank contains living organisms like bacteria that treat and digest waste. Trash that makes its way to your septic system can lead to leakages, cracked drain fields, and solid buildup.

Our high-quality septic system treatment product, Septic Perc®, opens up hardpan or clay soil. Coupled with Mega Bio™, it provides a powerful two-pronged attack.