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A well-designed, efficient septic tank ensures proper waste treatment and drain field function.

Septic tanks, however, are vulnerable to several types of problems that require timely intervention. From pumping and cleaning to performing eco-friendly septic treatments, homeowners need to go the extra mile to prevent septic breakdowns.

In this blog post, we have outlined the most common septic tanks failures and their solutions.

1.     Backups and Clogs

Out of all kinds of septic tank issues, backups and clogs are the most common. Since clogging depends on several factors, it’s important to take preventive measures.

Start by identifying if there’s a trash piece clogging the tank pipe. A septic system’s performance depends on daily usage. They require frequent cleaning and pumping for sludge removal that builds up over time and eventually leads to backups.

Water retention on grass due to septic failure

Non-biodegradables items in your septic tank can clog the drain field. This includes toilet paper, food items, plastic, and solid waste. Avoid flushing anything except water down the toilets and drainage areas to prevent septic clogging.

2.     Tree Root Intrusion

Root intrusion can also cause septic system failures. Regular cleaning and trimming of overgrown branches and underground roots are necessary around the septic system. Excessive plantation growth can increase the moisture level in the ground. This causes root encroachment, which can lead to leaks and cracks, eventually worsening over time.

3.     Excessive Detergent and Chemical Use

Excessive phosphate content isn’t good for septic systems. Phosphate is known to fuel algae and moss growth, blocking the treatment and flow of wastewater. Moreover, detergent and chemical cleaners can also damage septic tanks.

Avoid flushing chemical products like paint thinners, nail polish removers, mechanical fuel, and pesticides. These products can kill useful wastewater-treating bacteria present inside septic tanks.

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