Septic Perc’s Eco-Friendly Drain Field Restoration


What Makes
Septic Perc Better?

Our Products are 100% American Made

Septic Perc works the same way as old calcium polysulfide-based products and has been tested to prove it can rejuvenate drain fields even when they reach hardpan conditions.

Septic Perc uses a unique chemical formula that is environmentally friendly. It does so by:

  • Having its pH balanced
  • Having little to no odor

Septic Perc provides the only green solution available on the market to fix a failing drain field.



Why spend between $300 to $2199 on bacteria products that can’t even solve hardpan soil problems and clogged soil pores.

Mega Bio is a high-end, industrial-grade, 10 billion per gram, bacteria product that will eat grease and organic matter in your drain field. Purchase it with Septic Perc from our shop and avoid spending large amounts on inferior products.

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Combo Shock Treatment

Mega Bio Combo pack
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