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If you’re noticing problems in your septic system, there’s a high chance that the drain field has stopped functioning.  If you don’t find a solution immediately, it can lead to flooding of homes or buildings and, of course, costly repairs.

When homeowners delay drain field repair, it leads to sewage backup which is the main reason behind drain field failure floods. To make sure you handle a drain field failure before it gets worse, here are all the signs you need to watch out for.

Water Backup

You can immediately identify drain field failure if you see water backing up in your drain. For instance, if you don’t have any water shortage at your place but you still need to flush your toilet a couple of times, it’s an indication that the drain field has stopped functioning optimally.


If you can smell a foul odor inside your home or around your backyard, it’s a major sign that your drain field has failed. The odor you can smell is coming from the drain field’s liquid waste that has been absorbed by the soil.


An alternate way to figure out drain field failure is by keeping an eye out for any damp spots or puddles in your garden. Besides that, you can even figure out that there’s an issue if there’s denser growth of grass in some areas.

If you can see water puddles in your garden after it has rained, it’s a major indication of drain field failure.


Odd sounds like gurgling coming from the drains are an early sign of broken vents and drain field failure—it’s a sign for blockage.

Sludge or Slime

You know the problem has become serious if you notice a black-colored slimy substance above a septic tank. Besides that, even a heavy layer of scum or sludge inside the septic tank is a sign of drain field failure.

What Other Reasons are there for Drain Field Failure?

When the wastewater enters the septic tank, a small amount of the tank’s water goes inside the drain field. If you’ve got a functional drain field it’ll hold the water for a long time until it eventually absorbs in the soil.

However, if the house members use an excessive amount of water, or when guests come over, it leaves no room for drain pipes to dry out. This not only causes water back up but also accumulates a slimy bacterial substance that clogs the drain field.

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