Septic System Service Professionals


Septic Perc and Mega Bio
to Treat Drain Fields

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As eco-friendly products designed to remedy hardpan conditions, this combination treatment has a 90% chance of successfully remedying septic system failures caused by clogged drain fields.

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Common Uses for
Septic Per and Mega Bio

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Drain Field Rejuvenation
  1. A pump-jet treatment can restore damaged drain fields by cleaning lateral lines with a pressure wash, followed by 4 or more gallons of Septic Perc being flushed in the drains
  2. Failing drain fields may be treated with the combination of Septic Perc and Mega Bio to improve the absorption and processing of wastewater.
  1. Pre-Scheduling bi-annual applications of Septic Perc with periodic inspections ensures proper maintenance for your customers and enhances your work flow.
  2. Commercial drain fields and multi-resident housing units can apply 20-gallons or more of Septic Perc bi-annually as maintenance and remedial treatments.

Combo Shock Treatment

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