Slide Septic Perc® is designed to restore drainage to septic system drain field soil. This eco-Friendly septic system treatment can repair septic systems when drain field soil problems are the primary cause of septic system failure. Broken Septic System? We Can Help! septic tank outside image 90% of septic system failures are caused by drain field soil failure. Order Now!
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Septic Perc is labeled eco-friendly because it reduces chemical contributions in the air, water and on land. We are proud to manufacture a product that is earth-friendly and encourage our customers to engage in eco-friendly habits by carefully choosing products (like ours!) that are good for the earth and our surrounding environment.

SEPTIC PERC the Eco-friendly septic system product

Septic Perc and Mega Bio were created as eco-friendly solutions to common problems that can cause a septic system failure.
Septic Perc is time-tested and shown to restore drainage to septic system soil, even in clay.
Mega Bio is an industrial-strength bacteria formula that eats grease and organic matter in the drain field restoring balance to over grown bio-mat.
Our products have been used by professionals and by thousands of homeowners to restore and maintain septic systems all over the country.

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Combo Treatment
Restore Drainage to Failing Fields


Our combo shock drain field treatment restores the soil.

The Combo treatment can restore drainage to drain field soil in over 90% of applications. Septic Perc opens the soil in hardpan condition sand-clay soil, while Mega Bio reduces the biomat, restores drainage, and reinforces the natural beneficial bacteria; a powerful 2 - pronged attack.

There is no single product available that will solve all septic system drain field problems, but our COMBO treatment will come close. In laboratory tests and field trials Septic Perc performed as well or better than older style products at opening soil in hardpan conditions and clay soil. Mega Bio is the best biological septic system treatment available at a value price.

Industrial Strength Drain Field Bacteria Formula

This super-concentrated, high-end bioenzymatic formulation produces a wide range of enzymes to naturally eliminate proteins, tissue paper, food waste and other common household waste that accumulates in the septic drain field and tank.
​If your septic tank has been neglected or poorly maintained organic solids may be in your drain field preventing soil drainage. Mega Bio's formulation will produce 10 billion live enzyme-producing bacteria per gram AND this number will double every 20-30 minutes under optimum conditions.
The Mega Bio powder blend is designed to treat common wastewater organics, including animal and vegetable fat, oil and grease buildup and to help lower BOD and COD levels.  It will lower overall sludge buildup and provide a balanced biological population to help avoid drain field failure. Mega Bio performs well in all environments, including low oxygen environments.

Drain Field ConditionHow To ApplyAmount To Order
Maintenance for normally working systems1 gallon of Septic Perc every 6 months applied through toilet or drain.


1 Gallon
Sluggish Drain Field 

Start with 1 gallon of Septic Perc®, for the first treatment Then apply 1 gallon a week for the next 2 weeks.


3 gallons
Restore a failing drain field where clay is present. 

Apply Septic Perc directly to drain field bypassing the septic tank



4 gallons
Restore a Failing Drain Field where the bio mat is overgrown, or grease is in the drain fieldApply 8 ounces Mega Bio directly to the drain field.



16 ounces
For severely deteriorated systemsApply 4 gallons of Septic Perc® directly to the drain field immediately follow with 8 ounces of Mega BioCombo Shock Treatment



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